Tabitha Lawrence

June Gloom

Here’s where I was this time last year. Blissfully writing on the side of a lake in UMass Amherst while the mosquitos absolutely feasted on my legs, roughly 2,500 miles from everyone I know. The story I was working on in this picture would be what I read at open mic that night, which would […]


More forest. Earlier forest.

I once had a friend comment on a Facebook picture of my then-boyfriend, “I want to put you two in a snow globe and watch you interact.” Amelia Gray’s most memorable stories in AM/PM take place in a world defined by the rules that the characters are I. stuck in a box with no apparent knowledge […]


You can say we met at Starbucks

So far, none of my exes live in Texas. It would appear, however, that a good number of them live on Bumble. When you go to a school like ULV, though, dating gets weird. Hardly anyone actually gets (or stays) together because everyone knows everything about everyone else. It’s like we’re all Taylor Swift or […]