Thoughts on PLL S7 | E6 "Wanted: Dead or Alive" that prove I'm doing nothing with my life


  1. Previously, on Pretty Little Liars, we increased your blood pressure by 500% and gave you the engagement you’ve been waiting for, yet somehow made you feel awful about it.
  2. First shot: Aria’s ringless left hand.
  3. Spencer in ripped jeans?
  4. Everyone in ripped jeans?
  5. Should I get ripped jeans?
  6. Does everyone at the brew realize these girls are literally always there and suspicious AF?
  8. Showing up in that red jacket to make them feel guilty gives me hope that Mean Ali is still in there
  9. Isn’t she being a tad overdramatic with this “Hanna’s life is worth more than mine” business? Like remember when you pretended to be dead because you couldn’t handle your own life and they’re somehow still protecting you?
  10. In their defense, 5 is a lot of girls to keep safe considering Rosewood’s tendency to murder adolescents
  11. Spencer’s all, I’m coming with you! For protection! And also to sneak a look at hot detective who obviously wants my bod!
  12. lol @ Ali’s bitch face and Spencer’s I can’t believe I’m dealing with this face
  13. A TEXT YASSS!!
  14. Oh, nevermind. Calling attention to the fact that they can’t have group texts is pretty self aware and hilarious. I feel ya girls. I’ve been personally victimized by a few group texts myself.
  15. They split up a lot in this season, despite how murdery everything is
  17. Oh, your fake husband is wanted for fraud? You don’t say.
  19. Wait this actually works out uncomfortably well if they think he set the trail himself?
  20. I forget Mary doesn’t know any of this, and Ali doesn’t know about Spencer and Detective Fury. There’s so many separate things to feel awkward about in this scene.
  21. But you’ll have 24 hour protection from Rosewood’s finest and we all know that nothing bad ever happens on THEIR watch
  22. “I give you my word, we WILL get this guy” and Ali’s all I KNOW THAT’S WHAT I’M SCARED OF CAUSE WE BURIED THAT FOO
  23. “And you have a problem with law enforcement?” Nah man more like a fetish
  24. Remember that time she told this detective she had just been burying a body right after burying a body?
  25. Look at him watching her walk away.
  26. Aria put on your big girl panties and call him back.
  27. Not at all weird that Hanna just hung up one phone and answered a different phone in The Brew and then stood and looked around desperately.
  28. Um that voice is SO WREN HELLO PEOPLE! Why would the two sketchy ass British guys not be working together?
  29. Why is everyone so convinced that the dead people are actually dead? No one ever truly dies in Rosewood… Right?
  30. Hanna is in such distress but her hair has never looked better.
  31. And of course she runs away right as Ezra calls. Aria’s like YOU CAME HERE TO TALK ABOUT MY PROBLEMS YOU BITCH
  32. I love how Em conveniently gets a job in the only place that she can keep tabs on all the suspicious people/love interests in all of their lives while probably making bank as a babe bartender, despite that ridiculous uniform
  33. I can get in and out without being detected despite the fact that last time I broke in, Mary Probablybadguy reported it to the police-Spencer
  34. (I secretly love Mary.)
  35. “He’s dangerous, take this crowbar.” Right. That’ll work.
  36. Hanna can we not just hang out on the PD steps?
  37. She’s all, why couldn’t we be one of those boring, less attractive people across the street who don’t consistently ruin their own lives? Been asking myself that question for years, Han.
  38. “Ezra wants a marriage, a wife! Not conjugal visits.”—I literally paused to google what that means and now I’m laughing a lot.
  39. “HANNA! IT’S A DIAMOND!” Aria’s got priorities.
  40. “Or our caterer. She was really invested.” Okay, Han.
  41. Does there always have to be some fake ass masked guy watching from across the street?
  43. “Sometimes I feel like you could write a book of everything I don’t know.” THAT’S WHAT WE’RE SAYING.
  44. Oh honey, maybe the list of things they are telling you would be shorter.
  45. He’s says he’s working on his happy ending and looks sadly at his phone. Who says desperate romance is dead?
  46. Who just sits there playing the flute dramatically in a hotel other than rich blind people
  47. Sure Em, what could go wrong with snooping on the computer in broad daylight?
  48. Although her finally just saying what she’s thinking is giving me life
  49. Sara is not so much a seeing eye dog as she is Jenna’s dumb puppy.
  50. We have you to thank? What does that mean?
  51. Oh, poor memory Cece. Your “Archie” is going to do much more than win Ali’s trust.
  52. It’s a good thing Jenna can’t see how scared puppydog Em looks right now trying to act tough
  53. Spencer cries every time she talks to Caleb. Not a relationship expert, but that’s a bad sign.
  54. Her talking about post-Toby is too much, man. This scene is heartbreaking.
  56. I feel like it is definitely gonna backfire on my emotions to trust Mary, but so much of her story checks out and Jessica was terrible.
  57. Awh, opening this scene with the pile of discarded romantic candles is so artful and sad.
  58. Are we not gonna talk about Aria wearing that Lisa Frank coloring book sweater and leather pants?
  59. Is Aria telling Ezra about the murder AND Nicole? Cause we all know that ain’t gonna go away.
  60. “I didn’t even know she had a boyfriend… Then I married him.” * sips wine *
  61. And now sharing a beer on the swingset crying over the same boy. Is this show turning them all into mild alcoholics?
  62. Spanna is the perfect combo though, tbh.
  63. Quick, Ali, personally invite the killer into your darkened bedroom!
  64. Aren’t there any rules about crime scenes in this town?
  65. Holly was right, Emily is perfect boyfriend height for Ali.
  66. I Would Rather Go Blind as the background song seems ironic, all things considered.
  68. Didn’t we read online that someone is gonna die for playing for the wrong team? There’s only a minute left…
  69. Oh shit. Bye, Sara.
  70. When they actually say the thing is a really bad idea and yet continue to do the thing
  71. * Sounds like someone is behind them as they go to dig up their corpse * “It’s fine.”
  72. Are they so surprised that the guy they killed is indeed still dead?
  73. Pretty sure maids aren’t supposed to clean hotel rooms while you’re in the shower, and they’re DEFINITELY not supposed to open the shower curtain.
  74. Really? That’s what all the fuss over Sara’s hands was all about? That doesn’t even look that bad.
  75. Me: * is judgey about bad people not being electrocuted enough *
  76. That dramatic soap opera scream though…
  77. But of course this was all just a ploy to get night vision footage of the girls digging up the body. I need a drink.
  79. Jason Delaurentis, the fourth Hansen Brother
  80. Only 4 episodes left?!
  81. Is Jenna just taking off her glasses to prove that she’s crying or is she no longer blind?
  82. Keep what their little secret?!
  83. Bombs? FBI?!
  84. * Clears schedule for the next four Tuesdays *




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