100 Words about driving alone.

Is it wrong to say? I love driving long distances by myself. I am exquisite company, and I have a system.

It begins with iced coffee and a showtunes playlist and I belt, sometimes all the way through Phoenix before I switch to an audiobook. I don’t have to listen long before I realize another book I have to write. I speak about it out loud as though it’s already written.

Gas station bathrooms. Phonecalls, incessantly. Peach rings and Dr. Pepper.

I am on my own and pensive and joyous and life feels full, unending as the desert flying by.

(It is surprisingly hard to write exactly 100 words)

*not spons, but when it comes to audiobooks, I will sing the praises of Scribd to anyone who will listen. Unlimited books for $9.99?! No brainer.

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