About the author (lol) on her 27th birthday

Here’s how it works: I write a few blog posts. I change my whole website’s branding. I update my out-of-date bio. I don’t post again for a whole year. Repeat. The cycle continues. Five years pass.

And now I’m 27 and done with my MFA and actively working toward finishing my first book and trying to not be bashful about trying to start a writing career, so it’s probably time to make my bio a lame “professional” bio anyway.

But for old time’s sake, here’s another dump of all the other stuff:

I’m obsessed with technology and social media and how it affects the way we think and feel and communicate with each other, so much so that I wrote my graduate thesis on a very particular corner of it. I feel like I could write a whole book on it. Maybe I will, one day,

I love love love Sally Rooney and I’m secretly scared that all my work will just be seen as Sally Rooney fan fiction, but I also un-secretly love when people compare me to her. It’s gross and it doesn’t make sense and I don’t want to talk about it.

I get serious joy from making elaborate lists. Some of my favorite recurring lists are: handmade Christmas presents I’ll never make, hobbies that maybe I’ll pick up (as if I need another hobby), literary names for future pets/children, and books I want to write to avoid finishing the book I’m actually writing,

I bought a second-hand VCR for $7 so that I can watch old musicals on tape in bed while boyfriend plays video games and it was my best possible life choice. My show tunes playlist “The Old Razzle Dazzle” is POPPIN. Consequently, I’ve been on a serious Barbra Streisand bender for the last year or so. (Related—I finally watched Hamilton and now I. CAN’T. STOP.)

I recently made it to Harry Potter Cosplay Tik Tok and I’m never coming back.

I’ve made some very wonderful friends here in Tucson and we play board games and have whiskey wednesdays and only occasionally exorcist vomit and it makes being far from home so much easier.

The Twilight renaissance hit me HARD. No regrets.

I think I accidentally started manifesting? Like I didn’t consciously make that an intention. I just thought about my habit of narrating out loud about the things I want to accomplish as though they’ve already happened and I’m being interviewed on a talk show about them by a hot celebrity who thinks I’m charming, which is sort of basically what manifesting is, right?

I started reselling vintage/thrifted clothing last year and it actually kind of took off during quarantine? Okay not took off, but like people buy stuff now, so now my little shop also has stickers and handmade hair accessories and I have plans for much more hopefully soon!
I’m also feeling unusually motivated, now that school’s over and I’m better at staying on my own structured writing schedule, to start sharing more on here. I like that blogs are like low-stakes mini projects and they make me happy. And in this economy, we don’t turn down serotonin.
I’ve decided that “basic” is just a patriarchal construct so I’m no longer worrying myself about that.

I’m working hard on not feeling stupid about putting myself and my frivolous interests out there, so if you see me posting lots of self-reverential bullshit, mind ya business. The planet is dying, let me have this one thing.

Anyway, maybe something more relevant and useful some time soon.

xx, Tab

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