Well, this is awkward.

tab1My friends, I’ve been awfully rude.

You see, an introduction never seemed in order because I have been (and still am, sort of) under the impression that almost no one reads this blog. And if they do, it’s probably because they know me personally and finally succumbed to my Facebook links. I’m cool with that. I’m about the 20-followers life. But every blog is supposed to have an “About me” page and I figured it’s high time I get with the program.

My name is Tabitha. I’m 23. I live with my parents and graduated from a teeny college, University of La Verne, January of 2016. Since then, I’ve been tutoring and waitressing and gypsy drifting on people’s couches and quitting jobs and getting promoted and falling in love and trying desperately to write about it all and as a result writing very little. I currently spend basically all of my time assistant managing a Johnny Rockets that just opened. It is all-encompassing and draining and very hard, but the people are wonderful and it pays the bills. I will be beginning very soon with Rainier Writer’s Workshop, a low-residency program out of Pacific Lutheran university, to pursue my MFA in fiction. These are great things and I am extremely grateful.

Where does blogging fit in to that? I’m still trying to figure that out. What can you expect here? Couldn’t tell you. It’s supposed to be a sort of “book blog” I guess, although for a solid month I only posted about Pretty Little Liars and my most looked at post was about dating apps. I’ve read a ton of articles about how you need to be consistent and find your blogging niche and stick with it, which is fine if your goal is to be the most popular girl in school who is the best at one thing. This blog has (and I hope will always be) a thing I keep for me. It’s where I keep track of my inspirations and reactions to the world, where I stalk my own fan-girl posts to remind myself of how dang hilarious I am, and where I hope to build a place where all the things that I like can manifest. I don’t pressure myself with deadlines or goals because this is, ultimately, a secondary priority in my writing life. The point isn’t to be a blogger, it’s just to keep me writing something when I feel it, whatever that may be.  So, when I read that advice I had to ask myself, what do I want out of this? What do I like? My goal is to be a writer/professor. I want my MFA and (eventually) my PhD. I want a cute house and a cat named Catsby and lots of babies and a porch where I write the books that people like me will want to read (or at least will want to post Instagram pictures of in hip coffee shops). If you haven’t caught on yet, I like writing and books. I like trash TV series. I like Jesus a lot. I like princess movies. I like telling stories. I like the feeling of realizing that this is gonna make a good story. I like symbolism and excuses to play dress up and collecting people who will talk about writing with me and liking things and explaining why I like things. I like writing about whatever I want and not caring who reads it. I don’t know how to explain how helpful this is for me when I feel like I can’t write anything that matters except that you can make anything matter if you care about it enough, which is exactly what I intend to do.

So if you’re still reading, thank you! Truly. And if you’re not, I still get to be smug because this wasn’t for you in the first place. Either way, #amwriting.

xx, Tab


  1. pixelatingthoughts

    Hey 🙂 just came across this post as I just published my first blog and I must say you have written exactly what I am feeling right now. I have also started writing with the goal to keep myself inspired irrespective of the fact that I have any readers or not. It makes me really happy to see someone with similar thoughts. Keep on writing 🙂

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  2. theeditorsjournal

    Well I couldn’t possibly speak with people with less than 20 followers! 😀 Not entirely sure you should be allowed on WordPress to be honest! Lol.
    That’s the beauty of blogging – you can go for the mega followers or you can write for your own pleasure and it’s all good! The rules are… there are no rules…or is that fight club? 🙂


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