12 Things

Hello internet friends! It’s been a while and I’ve had the urge lately to resurrect the blog, so I thought I’d do an Amber Fillerup style 12 things post. Here’s a few little updates on some things that have happened since I was on here last!

1. Biggest news first—after finding out my thesis was due 2 weeks earlier than I thought it was and having to make an enormous last minute change that almost doubled the word count, I have officially completed the critical paper for my MFA! Such a huge weight off. Now to focus on the creative manuscript!

2. Lately, I’ve been thinking that I want to learn how to bartend. I’m trying learn more about drinks and even found some books at the library about beer and wine so I’m starting there!

3. I’ve become super obsessed with thrifting. So many amazing vintage finds in the last few months, inevitably leading me to start a Depop shop! More on that soon.

4. I finally broke down and upgraded my phone to an iPhone 11… but only because I drunkenly dropped my trusty old iPhone 6 Plus into a port-a-potty toilet 5 minutes into a music festival couple months ago. 🤷🏼‍♀️

5. Oh lol wait, did I mention I moved to Tucson? So there’s that.

6. I finally watched Lord of the Rings and loved them! Last night we started Star Wars in preparation of the new movie coming out. Another entire franchise that I can’t believe I made it 26 years without watching.

7. I went to church last weekend with my dad and a lady thought we were a couple so I’m pretty sure I need Botox like yesterday.

8. Last time I blogged, I had 3 nieces. Now I have a nephew too, and another on the way!

9. In that weird phase of my life where I see people on my timeline announcing their second pregnancies and even divorces as often as their engagements and their new careers. Which is… odd.

10. Ummm i kinda quit bookstagram in favor of just sharing everything in one place, so the Instagram @tabithatypes is no longer active. You can still follow along on my personal account @tabitha_teacup though!

11. I went to the Jonas Brother’s Happiness Begins tour this last weekend with my best friends and I haven’t gotten my voice back/been able to stop thinking about it since.

12. I had a panic moment 2 days again when I realized I hadn’t wrapped any Christmas presents yet, and then i had to remind myself of the sobering reality that I haven’t even done my of my shopping yet. So that’s fantastic!

(Weirdly hard to think of things to share? Anyway I missed you more soon!)

xx, Tab

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