PLL-The Perfectionists Series Premiere

  1. Can we even believe we’re watching more of this? (But also, I can. I absolutely can.)
  2. Because we all move into fully furnished homes when we get off an airplane.
  3. Of course it has a creepy basement.
  4. “Game design.” Lol. Oh, Mona. We’ve missed you.
  5. If you can explain why you left your wife and the babies a psychopath secretly impregnated you with in two sentences, it obviously was not such a fully formed relationship, character development-wise. Just saying. #byeemison
  6. And I am HERE for crazy Mona!
  7. Correction: Fully furnished homes of the recently deceased girl who looks just like you.
  8. I was prepared to be pissed about her getting a professor job, so I am very pleased that she’s a TA. But like, where is the professor? What do they think a TA does?
  9. How is Ali surprised someone knows who she is? Would a teen girl coming back from the dead and being tortured and arrested and kidnapped several times not make national news?
  10. Bold narrative move to have the characters literally explain their relationships to Nolan. Way to build mystery.
  11. I am sort of digging this surveillance business, though.
  12. Ali, getting all up in everyone’s business is how you get yourself buried alive. We’ve been through this.
  14. How does Nolan have time to have sex with literally everyone in this show
  15. He’s gonna be dead soon. Like, for sure.
  16. I was not expecting to care about any of these new characters, but poor Ava.
  17. For characters that know they’re under constant surveillance, they do a lot of dumb shit in public.
  18. So the sister is just like clearly not dead, right?
  19. Right.
  20. lol yes let’s just stand around in the forest discussing how we would kill this guy that we all mutually hate in the middle of a school where everyone is constantly under surveillance controlled by his mom because NO ONE IS GOING TO SECRETLY BE RECORDING ME TO BLACKMAIL ME LATER AFTER THEY ACTUALLY KILL HIM IN THIS EXACT WAY
  21. *Rips wallpaper off the wall of the rental house the scholarship is paying for*
  22. I do appreciate the A vibes. But also if this is actual A I will throw myself off a building , too.
  23. And the police portion off exactly 1 foot around the impaled body without even covering it up. As one does.
  24. I’m weirdly disappointed that Mona wasn’t just talking to herself?
  25. Aaaaaand we’re in this again my GOD there’s that old will to live



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