Quest for the It Brow-“Growing out” & DIY Tint

Tab in Transit

So, eyebrows. They’re very in right now, which is unfortunate because I don’t have any. You know the little blonde kid problem where your face is always red and your facial hair is translucent? That was the first 20ish years of my life. (In my defense, eyebrows weren’t really a thing until after I graduated high school). I didn’t even start to color them in until I started dying my hair red and I absolutely had to.

So anyway, when I accidentally hadn’t gotten my brows threaded in a few months, I started to tell people who didn’t ask that I was “growing them in” as an excuse. But then it occurred to me that maybe that could work?! I envisioned myself with those on-trend power brows that I love so much, despite the fact that my facial features had nothing else in common with these it girls.

I stuck…

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