On motivation by proximity to people who are better than you

*as demonstrated by this super-high-quality-photo-in-the-bar-we-went-to-every-night I feel I should start by prefacing this by saying that RWW brought with it a huge sense of community, which in writing is soooooo important. Writing is a pretty personal and essentially lonely process. But, good writing? It takes other people. Other minds. Someone that sees what you’re trying […]


The sound of (not) settling

So, there’s these moments, right? Little snapshots that remind you of something bigger. Weird little tipping points that are actually nothing, but can be applied to exactly the right situation to linger just a bit. Things that make me wonder why I’m not always as impossibly happy as I look trying to hoola hoop, and […]


In defense of being shamelessly basic

*this post is written in honor of the shameless 14 year old fangirls dressed as Harley Quinn that I served the day of the premiere* I am currently drinking a Starbs cold brew iced coffee and eating Hippeas organic chickpea puffs in vegan white cheddar flavor. My most listened to playlist is called “Champagne Problems” and […]